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2013 News and Events

    18th Dec, Clubmark award, Wallsend

    Liz Burdis, the BJA Service Manager and National PL4S and Satellite club lead, presented the club with the Clubmark certificate which we have been working towards for the last two years. Developed by Sport England, Clubmark is a set of National standards for National Governing Bodies of Sport to adopt and their affiliated clubs to meet. The scheme recognises and accredits clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and child friendly environments for young people.

    Clubmark was introduced by Sport England in 2002 to:
    1. develop high quality, welcoming environments for young participants
    2. ensure common and consistent good practice and minimum standards within clubs
    3. recognise high quality junior clubs through a common branding
    4. empower parents/carers when choosing a club for their children

    Clubmark focuses on 4 key areas of development within clubs:
    a. Coaches and Volunteers
    b. Good Practice and Child Protection
    c. Knowing Your Club and its Community
    d. The Playing Programme

    14th Dec Clubs Christmas Party

    The annual end of year party took place at the Barking Dog in Rising Sun with 90 students and family present. During the event end of year awards were presented to the following students:

    Judoka of the year, Joe Flaherty
    Most Successful Judoka, Megan Moody
    Most Dedicated Judoka, Sean Young

    Best Efort, Luke Devall McMurray

    Best Effort, Murray Cairns

    Most Dedicated Judoka, Chloe Harris

    7th Dec BHJudo Course & Grading, Wallsend

    Twenty six students attended a judo course run by "Big" BillySnowden, whilst others were examined for their grades by Steve Smith and Simon McKenzie. Malcolm Young and Kevin Corden also hosted a kateme no Kata course for the senior students. Grade promotions were as follows

    Kano1 Megan Coupland, Mathew Doris, Jack Dougdale, Owen Hardaker, Terry Harvey, Dylan Kemeling, Ben Smith

    Kano2 Murray Cairns, Harvey Keenan

    Kano3 Joe Flaherty

    Kano5 Daniel Dizyee

    Kanp8 Callum Mckenzie

    1st Mon Lee Attrill, Kieran Hardaker, Kieran Jackson, Archie Smith

    2nd Mon Harvey Cairns, Luke Devall McMurray

    3rd Mon Chloe Harris, James Lowden

    5th Mon Sean Young

    10th Mon Chris Sayers

    17th Mon Kieran Tweedy

    18th Mon Tonicha Brown See Detailed article

    2nd Kyu Will Heavens

    1st Kyu Simon Carter

    24th Nov BJC NACYP, North Shields Á 1st Dec BJA Coloured Belt, Kendal

    Battlehill Judo club attended back to back competition at North shields for the National association of Clubs for young people (NACYP) Judo competition and Kendal for the British judo associations coloured belt competition. The NACYP competition was running for its 40th consecutive year and had in excess of 180 competitors, the Kendal event was also at it maximum entry with 200 competitors providing some excellent judo at both events. Competitors from Battle hill were Megan Moody Gold, Harvey Cairns Bronze, Danielle Fitzpatrick silver, Kieran Jackson Bronze, Sean Young Bronze & silver, Murray Cairns silver, Kieran Tweedy Bronze & Silver, Tonicha Brown silver & Gold, John stone 2xBronze, Paul Coupland silver, Runner up awards went to Joe Moody, Owen Moody, Daniel Dizyee, Luke Devall McMurray, Mathew Doris & Joe Flaherty.

    Sep 29th BJC Northern England Open Competition, Newcastle

    Battlehill Judo Club took part in the British Judo Councils Judo Competition held at Westgate centre for Sport, Newcastle. Over 160 competitors took part in the event, with some exceptional Judo.
    Medal Winners from Battlehill were Tonicha Brown o65kg Silver, brothers Joe and Owen moody took 3rd and 4th place in u24kg, Joe Flaherty u34 3rd, Daniel Dizyee u27 Silver, Simon Mckenzie and Mohamad Barootkobian took Silver and Bronze in the senior Dan Grade open. Will heavens won three from four contests with perfect Ippons to gain the Silver in the u92kg event.

    22nd Sept Level 2 Kata Course, Wallsend

    Dermott Heslop the BJA Technical Officer travelled to the area to tutor and examin Malcolm Young, Kev Corden, Kris Anderson and Rob Stuart to level 2 Kata for both Nage no Kata & Kateme no Kata.

    14th Sep Fordley Novice Competition, Wallsend

    Students attended a beginner Judo competition hosted by Fordley Judo Kwai at Churchill Community College, Wallsend. Eleven local judo clubs took part in the event, which was an introductory competition for students with less than two years Judo experience. Battlehill Judo club took an impressive 5 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Bronze awards went to Josh Sayers, Matthew Doris, George Young, Jasmin Gadema and Kieran Jackson. Silver to Murray Cairns, Yussef Gadema, Finn O.Brian, Mo Gadema, Luke Devall-McMurray, Harvey Cairns, Leoni Lannen and Saffron Gadema. Gold to Daniel Dizyee, Ewan Gray, Joe Flaherty, Cameron Gray and Alannah Harding

    8th Sept Neil Adams course, Durham

    Battlehill Judo Students Learn from the World Champion Students from Battlehill Judo Club were privileged to attend a Judo course organised by Destination Judo at Maiden Castle Sports Centre, Durham. Students were coached by undoubtedly Great Britain’s greatest Judoka, Neil Adams MBE 8th Dan. During Neil’s illustrious career he was british champion an amazing 21 times, won 2 Olympic silver medals, European champion 7 times, world medallist 4 times and the became the World Champion in 1981.

    18th Aug Coaching Course, York

    UKCC Level 2 qualifications awarded to Steve Smith, Simon McKenzie & Kris Anderson

    27th July Residential Judo Course, Barrasford

    Battlehill Judo club celebrated its 10th Anniversary by taking its students on a weekend’s Judo seminar.
    The club was founded on 31st July 2003 at Battlehill Primary School, by Malcolm Young 4th Dan. Malcolm started his Judo career at the age of 8 under sensei Chris Dawson 7th Dan at the Bushido Judo Kwai in Wallsend. Battlehill Judo club has gone from strength to strength and has successfully trained hundreds of students in the Japanese martial Art of Judo. Students have travelled the length and breadth of the country to compete in regional, national and international competitions, gaining a huge medal haul totalling over four hundred medals over the last decade.
    In 2007 the club had outgrown their training venue, and re-located to Churchill Community College where they currently reside, training on Mondays and Wednesday evenings.
    For the anniversary the club travelled to Barrasford where they were joined by Seghill and Fordley Judo clubs for a very successful weekend, with over forty students and six Black belt coaches in attendance. The club stayed at the Barrasford Scout Centre, situated 7 miles north of Hexham in the North Tyne Valley, the Centre is a converted railway station/stationmasters house and was a perfect venue. The residential weekend was so successful that the club plans to repeat the event annually.

    29th June Butokokan Competition, Newbiggin

    Battlehill Judo Club took part in the Butokokan Invitational Judo Championship help at Newbiggin Sports Centre. The competition was organized by Michael Douglass 5th Dan, and was a great success. The team returning with 8 Gold, 7 Silver, and 6 Bronze awards.
    U6 Years Josh Sayers Bronze
    U8 Years Novice Joe Flaherty Gold, Finn Obrien Bronze.
    U8 Years Owen Moody Gold, Daniel Dizyee Silver
    U10 Years Luke Devall-McMurray won four contests to secure the Gold, Murray Cairns losing out only to Luke gained the Silver, Joe Moody & Sean Young took Bronzes and James Lowden & Yusef Gadema Runners Up.
    U12 Years Harvey Cairns had a good contest against some experienced players to gain the Bronze award.
    U14 Years Kieran Tweedy Silver & Chris Sayers Bronze, Kieran then fought in the u16 Years event and achieved the Gold.
    U10 years Chloe Harris Silver & Jasmin Gadema Bronze
    U12 Years in a pool of six girls, Megan Moody was undefeated to gain the Gold award while Leoni Lannen took the Bronze place.
    U14 years Saffron Gadema Gold
    U16 years Tonicha Brown Silver
    Carrie Patterson and Mo Gedema both competing in their first Senior competition both took Gold in their respective pools, and John Stone secured the Silver award.

    9th June BJA Graded Competition, Kendal

    Megan Moody Gold, Joe Moody Bronze, Alannah Harding Silver, Sean Young Bronze, Kieran Tweedy Bronze, John Stone Silver

    5th May BJA Masters Competition, Kendal

    Mala Young U81kg Silver, Senior Open Silver

    19th May, BJC Grade/Weight Competition, Newcastle

    Fifteen students from Battlehill Judo club attended the British Judo Council graded competition held at Westgate Sports Centre Newcastle.
    Simon Carter & John Stone were the clubs two senior competitors who were both competing in the Senior Kyu Grade event, Both Judoka won sufficient contests in there group to meet each other in the Bronze final, Simon gaining third place and John fourth.

    Daniel Dizyee convincingly won all four contests to gain the Gold in the Primary Boys u25kg event, Brothers Ewan and Cameron Gray were both un-defeated and each secured Gold awards in the u30, and u40 Groups respectively. Megan Moody had an excellent competition winning 3 contests to gain the Gold in the Junior Girls u45kg category.
    Luke Deval-McMurray and Harvey Cairns were defeated in their groups finals to gain silver in the u35kg and u40kg events.
    Bronze awards went to Joe Flaherty, Owen Moody, Chloe Harris. Runner Up Awards went to Kieran Tweedy, Tonicha Brown, Sean Young and Leoni Lannen

    28th April, Judo Course, Durham


    21st April, BJC Graded & Veterans Competition, North Shields

    Senior and Junior students also took part in the British Judo Councils graded Judo tournament at the Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields.
    All students did there club proud with some excellent Judo.
    Runner Up Awards went to Yussef Gadema u40kg, Cameron Gray u40kg, Sean Young u30kg, Cristobel Valle u30kg and Daniel Dizyee u30kg.
    Bronze awards went to Chloe Harris u35kg, Owen Moody u25kg, Megan Moody o40kg, Joe Flaherty u40kg and Allanah Harding o50kg.
    Silver Awards went to Ewan Gray u30kg Kieran Tweedy u50kg Harvey cairns u40kg, Owen moody u28kg, Amy Hamilton u30kg, Saffron Gadema o50kg, John Stone Senior Green Belt Men.
    Gold Awards were gained by Beth Clarke o40kg and Luke McMurray u35kg, both students were competing in their first Judo competition and each won all their three contests to secure the highest awards of the day.

    20th April, Judo Course, Wallsend

    Senior students attended a Judo course at the clubs venue, Churchill Community College, and were coached by Chloe Cowan 5th Dan.
    Chloe is a five time European Judo Medalist and Olympian, and tutored the students for three hours covering some intricate and very effective judo techniques.

    16th March, Judo Course and Grading, Wallsend

    Battlehill Judo Club hosted a junior judo course and grading at Churchill Community College accompanied by Seghill Judo Club.
    Students were put through their paces by five of the clubs coaching staff, and all students worked extremely hard, learning new techniques and successfully completing their grading examinations.
    Judo is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defence and a way of life. It is all of these and more. Judo comes to us from the fig
    hting system of feudal Japan, Dr. Jigaro Kano, studied these ancient forms and integrated what he considered to be the best of their techniques into what is now the modern Olympic sport of Judo. Judo, which is translated as the "gentle way", teaches the principle of flexibility in the application of technique. This is the flexible or efficient use of balance, leverage, and movement in the performance of Judo throws and other skills. Skill, technique and timing, rather than the use of brute strength, are the essential ingredients for success in Judo.
    Battlehill Judo club has been operating in the Wallsend area for almost ten years, whilst Seghill Judo club was established in Seghill, Cramlington Seven Year ago, the clubs train on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and new students are always welcome. Promotions made during the day were;
    Kano 1 Harvey Keenan, Joe Flaherty, Josh Sayers
    Kano 2 Josh Dixon, Luke Devall-McMurray, Oliver Joyce, Amy Hamilton, Katherine Martin, Ella Tait, Ewan Grey, Jasmin Gadema, Yussef Gadema
    Kano 3 Harvey Cairns, Alex Thompson, Isaac Thompson, Ryan Conway, Daniel Dizyee
    Kano 4 Chloe Harris, Owen Moody, James Lowden
    Kano 6 Callum McKenzie
    Kano 7 Sean Young
    3rd Mon Saffron Gadema , 15th Mon Tonicha Brown, 16th Mon Kieran Tweedy. One senior student, Mohamed Gedema, was successfully promoted to 5th Kyu.

    24th Feb BJA Coloured Belt Competition, Kendal

    Kendal Judo Club hosted their Open Coloured Belt Competition for novices through to Black belts, and Battlehill Judo Club joined 170 competitors from England and Scotland taking part.
    Siblings Joe and Megan Moody each won a bronze in the u25kg and u45kg events respectively, Tonicha Brown took a further Bronze in the girls over 60kg category. Kieran Tweedy won all of his contests to reach the final and was narrowly defeated returning with the Silver award. John Stone in the men's u90kg event had strong opposition against three Brown Belt Judoka and fought extremely well to gain a Bronze. Will Heavens competing in his first BJA tournament won his first two contests in spectacular fashion retuning with a well deserved Silver. Kris Anderson and "Big" BillySnowden competed in the men's Black Belt under 90kg and over 90kg categories, both gaining Bronze awards.

    3rd Feb Evolving Judo – Responding To Change

    The Course held at Gateshead with the Judo legend Neil Adams 8th Dan, focused on teaching and developing advanced skills and techniques in Tachiwaza and Newaza in the light of the most recent changes to competition rules.