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  • Bushido Grading, Wallsend – 10th Dec 05

Forty Students took part in the final grading of the year., with students demonstrating their Shia ability in groups of between three to six judoka, together with their technical knowledge of techniques and for the higher graded students demonstrations of Nage no Kata.

Student Promotions








Ross Lancaster

Jonathan Liddle

Lathan Phillips

Ryan Wright

Nathan Barber


Summer Ireland

Robert Stuart


Jessy Bell



Tonicha Brown

Stephen Hall

Ryan Jackson


Callum Ireland

Natasha Smith

Mathew Collins

Laurie Cairns



Natasha Sullivan

Grant Oliphant

Callum Williams

Elliot Foster


Roy White

Marley Taylor

James Maxstead

Georgina Lee

Emeka Obasi

Katie Young

Scott Collins

Kyle Lucas

Thomas Dugdale


Ben Kelly

Tasmin Brown

Callum Thompson

Uche Obasi




Steve Carey


Kris West



Kev Corden

Brian Batey

"Big" BillySnowdon

Tim Dugdale



A special mention for Jimmy West on successfully completing his 1st Dan examination, pictured here being presented with his certificate and the coveted black belt. Jimmy has worked extremely hard over the past five years to get to this stage, dispite incuring a number of injuries along the way. He currently assists with the Junior training sessions at the Bushido Judo Kwai and is a valued member of our club.

Well Done Jimmy !

Grading Examiners- Chris Dawson 6th Dan, Sharon May 4th Dan, Barry McSherry 3rd Dan.

  • Bushido Judo Academy Judoka of the Year 2005

Each and every student is recognised by their respective coaches as giving a valued contribution to the club. However one student from each club was singled out for their commitment and dedication to Judo, for their attitude towards their instructors and peers, for their respect for themselves and others throughout the whole year. To those students we once again congratulate.

Scott Collins-Battle Hill Judo Club

  • Christmas Party – 3rd Dec 05

The Christmas Party went down with a blast at the Westholme Farm Social Club, with the ear bashing “Uncle Freddie” providing fabulous entertainment, complete with loud music, party games, loud music, dancing, and yes more load music, but in his trademark fashion,

Uncle Freddie wasn’t bothered !

Student Competition Here are the correct answers (as displayed on the web site).

1.Barry executing Tai-Otoshi on Mala

2.Thomas Dugdale attempting O-Uchi-Gari on Katie Young

3.O-Uchi-Gari combined with Mawari-Komi-Hikikomi-Gaeshi

Thanks to all students who sent in an entry, and Congratulations to the two students who sent in the correct answers.

Darren May and Callum Thompson will each receive a heavyweight Judo Gi.


  • November Battle Hill Judo club's 100th trophy

At the wallsend event, Battle Hill Judo club gained its 100th trophy since the club formed in July 2003, made up of 25 Golds, 42 Silvers and 33 Bronze. To commemorate this event, an award was given to the most successful Judoka. The short list was as follows,


1st - Katie Young, 6 Gold 4 Silver.

2nd - Joe Cotcher, 5 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze.

3rd - Chris Young, 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze


  • NACYP Open, Wallsend – 26th Nov 05

 Tonicha Brown – primary u25kg, Scott Collins – Silver u40kg, Thomas Dugdale - Silver o32kg, Darren May – Gold u45kg, Tim Dugdale - Gold u50kg, Damien Anderson o55kg, Glen Young o55kg, Tasha Smith Primary o 30kg, Katie Young – Gold Primary o30kg, Tasmin Brown o50kg, Chris Anderson u90kg Bronze, Summer Ireland Primary u25kg, Callum Ireland u30kg, Joe Cotcher – Gold Primary u30kg, Mathew Collins Primary o30kg, Mahmoud Ahmed o32kg.

  • Cobra Open, Nottingham – 20th Nov 05

 189 competitors from 18 clubs took part in the AMA Nottingham Open, which included two bus loads of students and parents from Bushido. A great day was had by all with, as always, some spectacular Judo. All students fought extremely well in some very tough groups.

Tonicha Brown – Silver u8yrs u24kg, Scott Collins – Bronze u38kg ,Thomas Dugdale u34kg,Ben Kelly u46kg, Darren May u46kg, Ryan Jackson u34kg, Tim Dugdale – Bronze u46kg, Damien Anderson – Bronze o55kg, Glen Young o55kg, Tasha Sullivan – Silver u36kg, Tasmin Brown – Bronze u52kg, Chris Anderson u90kg


  • Bushido Nage no Kata Course, Wallsend – 12th Nov 05

A follow on course from that held in May, attended by four pairs of Judoka to fine tune their Kata technique prior to the December grading.


  • October Great Northern Open, Newcastle – 1st Oct 05

Two hundred and seventy one competitors from the United Kingdom and Europe took part in the third Great Northern Open Judo Tournament. The event was a great success with some excellent judo, held in a true judo atmosphere. Most of the countries major Judo events are held close to London, so it is fantastic to have such a prestigious event taking place in the North East of England.

The organizers of the event Juno Michi Judo Club and Washington Judo Clubs key aims are:

To give opportunities to young people to partake in a major event within the region; To encourage young people who are “novices” at the sport, to participate in competitive judo; To encourage a team spirit amongst competitors and reward all for their participation;

Summer Ireland, Bronze primary novice u24kg

Tonicha Brown, Silver primary novice u24kg

Callum Ireland, Bronze primary novice u32kg

Mathew Collins, Bronze primary novice o32kg

Grant Oliphant, primary o32kg

Katie Young, Gold primary o32kg

Jac Cotcher, primary u28kg

Joe Cotcher, Bronze primary u28kg

Scott Collins, junior u40kg

Tasmin Brown, junior u55kg

Chris Young, Bronze junior u40kg

Congratulations also to Newburn Judo Club upon gaining the highest points total to secure the Paul Douglass Team Trophy.


  • September White Tiger Open, Nottingham – 25th Sept 05

We travelled to Nottingham to join eleven other clubs for the White Tiger Open 2005. The competition was tough with eighty junior and twenty senior competitors, despite which we managed to return with five trophies from five entrants.

Tonicha Brown - Silver Girls under 21kg,

Tasmine Brown – Bronze Girls under 55kg,

Scott Collins - Gold Boys under 40kg,

Joe Cotcher - Silver Boys under 30kg,

Mala Young - Silver Senior Men over 80kg


  • Life Centre, Newcastle – 18th Sept 05

We attended the Life Centre in Newcastle on the Great North Run weekend. It was the first time a lot of the members and their families had been to the centre and were all very impressed. The centre helps Uncover the secrets of life, which takes visitors on an exciting hands-on journey through the life sciences. The centre had a load of interactive stuff for the kids (and the adults!) and was a lot bigger than we thought. The highlight of the centre was the Vortex, and not forgetting the Sponge Bob Square Pants motion simulator.

Many thanks to the Community Foundation for donating the tickets.


  • Bushido Judo Course, Wallsend – 17th Sept 05

29 students representing each of the four Bushido Academy clubs attendend a Judo Tachi and Ne-Waza training course, hosted by Chris Dawson with Barry McSherry and Mala Young in assistance.

Techniques covered:-

Hikkikomi Geashi to Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame

Back Reversal to Broken Side four quarter hold, an effective groundwork technique as taught by sensei Michigami 9th Dan.

Sode Tsurikomi O Soto Gari

Sleeve Grip, Major Outer Reap, A basic technique, improved with good Kumi Kata, from a cross grip to a sleeve lift, as executed by three time undefeated world champion Ki Young Jeon.

Yoko Tomoe Nage

Side Circle Throw, This technique is a modification to the original Tomoe Nage technique as listed in the Gokyo, with the Yoko version being used predominantly in the contest arena, it was the Tokui-waza (favourite technique) of Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki five times All-Japan champion.

Kibisu Geashi

Heel Trip Reversal, This technique was demonstrated as a Renraku Waza from a failed Kata Garuma, and also as a Kaeshi Waza from Harai Goshi.

Ko Uchi Gari

Minor Inner Reap, one of Barry’s speciality techniques which when combined with good Kuzushi and timing is virtually unstoppable.

Hadaka Jime & Okuri Eri Jime

Two quite basic but extremely effective strangulation techniques with Hadaka Jime, Naked Strangle and Okuri Eri Jime, Sliding Collor Strangle, not surprisingly Chris does not get many volunteers to take uke’s role when he demonstrates this technique to perfection.

Thanks also to the seniors who contributed to the event, Jimmy West, Kev Corden, Steve Carey.


  • BJC Fordley Beginners Open, Blyth – 4th Sept 05

Battle Hill attended the BJC novice and beginners Judo competition, held at Croftway Sports Hall, Blyth. The event was targeted at youngsters from around the region with less than 2 years experience in Judo, ideally suited to the club now just into its second year. The event was organised by Fordley Judo club and was well attended with 12 clubs and over 80 competitors, with trophy presentations by Mr Kenny (BJC 6th Dan and Newcastle Area Representative and Technical Officer).

The students performed exceptionally to return with three Silver and one Bronze award.

Tonicha Brown Silver Primary u25kg; Natasha Sullivan Silver Girls u35kg; Grant Oliphant Bronze Primary Boys u40kg; Joe Cotcher Silver Primary Boys u30kg; Jac Cotcher runner up Primary Boys u25kg.

From the photos above, the students obviously had too good a time at the event….

  • BattleHill club T-Shirts

Utilising some of the funds raised to date, we have purchased T-Shirts for all students, with an embroidered club logo.

  • June Flamingo Land

26 students and parents travelled by coach to the flamingo land theme park for the day, a great day was had by all, and unlike last years event, the weather was kind and no one was stranded on the water ride, lol…


  • May Judo course in Geneva Switzerland by Sensei Kondo 9th Dan, a member of IMAF Japan.

  • Bushido Nage no Kata Training Course

Nage-no-Kata training course for 12 of the Bushido Academy of Judo’s higher ranking students, the day was a great success, and will be invaluable for the forthcoming grading April Junior / Senior Kyu Grading, Wallsend (Bushido)

Junior Promotions;

2nd Kyu + 1, K.West

3rd Kyu +1, D.May

3rd Kyu +2, C.Young,

4th Kyu, R.Brogan, Joe.Cotcher, G.Lee, J.Thompson

4th Kyu +1, S.Collins, E.Obasi, D.Wynn

4th Kyu +2, K.Lucas, K.Young

4th Kyu +3, C.Thompson, B.Kelly

5th Kyu, C.Williamson, C.Wynn, M.Ahmed, U.Obasi, L.Cairns

5th Kyu +1, T.Crichton

5th Kyu +2, B.Jackson, Jac Cotcher, G.Oliphant, M.Taylor;

5th Kyu +3, R.White, J.Maxted

6th Kyu + 1, S.Ireland

6th Kyu +2, C.Irelend, D.Dinning

6th Kyu +3, R.Jackson, M.Collins, E.Foster

  • Battle Hill Judo Club Purchased 42 Shogun Judo Mats giving a 9m x 9m contest area.


  • Presentation of £350 from High Sheriff of North Tyneside.

  • Judo Course & Friendly team Contest

Judo Course & Friendly team Contest with Bushido Judo Kwai, attended by Chris Dawson 6th Dan & Sharon May 4th Dan.

  • February Eagle Open, Nottingham, 20th February 05

A good event with over 100 juniors and 25 senior competitors.

Joe Cotcher Gold u27kg, Katie Young u40kg, Mala Young Silver o80kg, Chris Young Silver u36kg, Natasha Sullivan Silver u36kg, Jac Cotcher Gold u24kg