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    Hokojun Barrasford, Oct 2002, J.Hearn 8thDan, D Wareing 6th Dan


Attendee: Malcolm Young

    IMAF Japanese Masters Sept 2002

Tutors: Shizuya Sato, 10th Dan Nihon Jujutsu HANSHI & 9th Dan Judo HANSHI Keiji Tose, 9th Dan Iaido HANSHI Ikuo Higuchi, 9th Dan Karate-Do HANSHI, 7th Dan Kobudo KYOSHI Mitsuhiro Kondo, 8th Dan Judo HANSHI, 7th Dan Aikido KYOSHI & 6th Dan Karate-Do Hara Sensei, 8th Dan Iaido KYOSHI Yoshida Sensei, 7th Dan Iaido KYOSHI H.D. Rauscher (Germany), 8th Dan Karate-Do HANSHI, 6th Dan Kobudo RENSHI, 6th Dan Iaido RENSHI Dr. E. Noisser (Austria), 5th Dan Iaido RENSHI, 3rd Dan Nihon Jujutsu

Pictured Above (from left) Russel Dawson, Jack Hearn, Mitsuhiro Kondo, Shizuya Sato, Chris Dawson, Malcolm Young, IMAF write up

    Hokojun Barrasford, Oct 2001, J.Hearn 8thDan, P Smith 3rd Dan, J Smith 3rd Dan

     Attendees: Malcolm Young, Glen Young, Tim Dugdale

    Bushido Open June 2001

Steve Ellerby-Gold, Malcolm Young-Silver,

    Scorpion International ,Nottingham April 2001

Pictured (from left) Tim Dugdale, Natalie Biggins, Malcolm Young, Darren May, Danielle Hurlbutt, "Big" BillySnowdon, Kris west, Natalie Biggins, Glen Young.

The Bushido Judo Kwai recently travelled to Nottingham to attend the Scorpion Judo National Championship. A squad of seven juniors, most of which taking part in their first competition, and two senior competitors attended.

Darren May (u8yrs u25kg) and Danielle Hurlbutt (u32kg) performed well and just missed out on a medal. Kris West (u8yrs o27kg) and Tim Dugdale (u27kg) had an excellent contest gaining Bronze and Silver respectively. Glen Young (u50kg), Kayleigh Biggins (u52kg) and Natalie Biggins (u52kg) made brave performances against judoka up to 4 years their senior. Darren and Glen were both unfortunate in exceeding their weight category by 0.1kg, forcing them to move up to a higher weight group.

Not to be outdone by the junior competitors, the two seniors, Malcolm Young (u81kg) and "Big" BillySnowdon (u90kg) also returned with medals. "Big" Billycompeting against strong competition was unfortunate to miss out on the final and returned with a Bronze medal. Malcolm missed his usual weight category by 0.3 kg and was forced to move up to the next category thus conceding almost 1½ stone in weight. Not to be deterred by this he had an exceptional performance, winning all of his contests with maximum score (Ippon), to return with a Gold Medal.


    Referee's Course December 2000

 Primary Referee certificate awarded to "Big" BillySnowdon, Chris Heeney, Malcolm Young.

    Hokojun Barrasford, Oct 2000, J.Hearn 8thDan, C.Dawson 5thDan

Attendees: "Big" BillySnowdon, Chris Heeney, Malcolm Young, Elliot Makin, Ian Biggins, Steve Compton.


    Norwich BJC Mac International, October 2000

Pictured above; Sharron May (Coach), Kev Ellerby U81kg Bronze, Scott Martin U73kg Bronze, "Big" BillySnowdon U81kg Bronze, Steve Compton U90kg, Tim Dugdale u27kg Bronze, Darren May, Ian Biggins +90kg Bronze, Malcolm Young u81kg Silver, Fred Ellerby (Coach).

Following their success last year at the British Judo Council Open Championship, the Bushido Judo Kwai travelled once again to Norwich for their International Invitation Championship. Thirty-Eight Judo clubs attended the event from Great Britain, Europe, Nigeria, Mexico & USA, with more than 350 competitors. A seven strong team gave an excellent performance against very strong competitors, returning with a total of six medals

    Bushido Kyu Grade Open June 2000

 Chris Heeney - Gold, Malcolm Young-Silver,

    Junior & Senior Grading March 2000

The junior member promotions were as follows:

6th Kyu (Ni) Rhys Lackenby 6th Kyu (Ichi) Liam Wood, Jamaal Pearson & Chris Richmond 6th Kyu (San) Claire Boak, Nicholas Crombie, Kris West, Dannielle Hurlbuit & Victoria Clemitson 5th Kyu Lee Clemitson & Darren May 5th Kyu (Ni) Scott Williams & Glen Young 5th Kyu (San) Kayleigh Biggins 4th Kyu (Ni) Natalie Biggins 4th Kyu (Ichi) Melissa West 3rd Kyu. Peter Smiles

The following Senior grades were awarded, "Big" BillySnowdon 3rd Kyu, Sharon May Black belt-4th dan, Fred Ellerby Black belt-2nd dan


    Norwich BJC Mac International, November 1999

"Big" BillySnowdon, Scott Martin-Bronze, Steve Compton-Bronze, Steve Muckle-Silver, Kev Ellerby, Ian Biggins-Bronze, Malcolm Young-Silver, Steve Ellerby-Gold.