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    December Sat 9th - Christmas Party, Seghill

The Christmas Party went down with a blast at the Seghill Social Club, with the ear bashing “Uncle Freddie” providing fabulous entertainment, complete with loud music, party games, loud music, dancing, and yes more load music, but in his trademark fashion,

Uncle Freddie wasn’t bothered !

    Sat 9th - Judoka of 2006 Awards

Two students were presented with the coveted Judoka of the year award, Callum Thompson and Kieran Tweedy.


Each and every student is recognised by their respective coaches as giving a valued contribution to the club. However one student from each o the four clubs was singled out for their commitment and dedication to Judo, for their attitude towards their instructors and peers, for their respect for themselves and others throughout the whole year.

BattleHill Judo club also awarded an annual trophy to Tonicha Brown, whom has gained the most points from this year competitions.


    November 26th - Nage-no-kata Course, Wallsend

Chris Dawson 6th Dan, hosted a Nage-no-Kata training course, assisted by Barry McSherry 3rd Dan and Malcolm Young 2nd Dan, for students of the Bushido Academy of Judo at Wallsend Sports Centre.

Pictured from left; Tasmin Brown, Kev Corden, Thomas Dugdale ,Malcolm Young, Milan Reznicek, Katie Young, Graham Lucking, Frazer Burns, Barry McSherry, Kris Anderson, Joe Cotcher, Bruce Carnaby, Josh Martin, Russel Dawson, Chris Dawson, Gavin Wood, Roy White, Marley Taylor.


    18th - NACYP Open, Wallsend

 BattleHill Judo club returned with a clutch of trophies from the NACYP Open Judo championship held at Wallsend Sports Centre, over one hundred and fifty competitors were in attendance from over a dozen clubs.

Tonicha Brown aged 8 was to set the standard for the day by winning all four of her contests with Ippon (highest possible score) to secure the Gold in the girls under 25kg category. Jac Cotcher entering his first competition on over a year was quickly back to winning form in the under 30kg category, flooring his first four opponents in spectacular style to secure a Bronze. Joe was to follow in his brothers footsteps also winning his first four contests to be defeated in a closely fought final to return with Silver in the boys over 30kg group, Mathew Thompson in the same group was entering his first competition, up against strong opposition in a pool of over 20 competitors, he won four of his six contests, and surpassed all expectations to receive a very worthy 4th position.

Josh Martin won all of his contests in fine style, except one defeat to his fellow team mate Frazer Burns, Frazer won all of his contests, two of which were, as quoted by an event official, “the two best techniques of the tournament”. Frazer returned with the Gold award and Josh the bronze in the boys under 25kg category. Ryan Hindmarch achieved a runner up award in the boys under 40kg event, along the way winning one of his contests with a perfect Ippon in under three seconds. Tasha Sullivan and Sam Mossman each won sufficient contests to make it through the group stage of the girls under 45kg, Tasha receiving runners up and Sam the Bronze award.

Katie Young was the youngest and smallest in the girls under 50kg, however she defeated her opponents with grit, determination and some excellent Judo, she was narrowly defeated by a junior black belt, and obtained the Silver award. Tasmin Brown in the girls over 50kg category gave another fine performance to achieve second place in her group with a Silver. Daniel Hindmarch finished the day in style winning all of his contests in the novice boys under 55kg to secure the Gold Award. Giving the club a tally of three Gold, three Silver and four Bronze from the twelve entrants.

Seghill Judo club entered five entrants in the event, with David McGlen, Kieran Tweedy, Porl Harvey and Phillip Bannister receiving runner up awards, whilst Alex Bannister won a Silver award.

    October Sat 7th - 4th Annual Great Northern Open Judo Championship

Three Hundred and Thirty Five competitors from over forty clubs throughout the United Kingdom and Europe took part in the fourth Great Northern Open Judo Tournament. A new venue, the Centre For Sports – Westgate Community College, played host to this years event allowing four competition areas, and seating for over 300 spectators.

Alexander Bannister runner up in the primary Novice u24kg fought well and gained valuable experience in his first ever competition. Kieran Tweedy won half his fights in the Primary Novice u28kg and was unlucky not secure a top award. Tonicha Brown, primary u28kg was very convincing, winning her first two contests with Ippon (maximum score) to be defeated in the semi finals winning Bronze. Joe Cotcher defeated all of his opponents in the Primary u32kg group, and successfully won a very strong final to secure the Gold. Ryan Hindmarch pulled out all of the stops winning his first three contests, and was narrowly defeated in the Junior novice u40kg final returning with Silver, Ryans brother, Daniel followed with a exceptional performance in the Junior Novice o50kg, against competitors of greater weight he was defeated by a precarious referees decision in the semi finals and returned with bronze. The brothers Ryan and Daniel were also competing in their first competition and showed class to each return with medals. Josh Martin and Frazer Burns were in one of the toughest groups of the day, the Junior Boys u35kg, with nine competitors all of an extremely high standard, both lads were each able to secure wins with Ippon, to return with runners up awards. Tasmin Brown in the Junior Girls o55kg, successfully fought through four contests to be defeated in the final by a very strong opponent, returning with a very hard fought Silver. Callum Thompson was to face a competitor from Italy, last years champion and the current national champion in the Junior u45kg, fortunately Callum had the confidence not to be deterred by their credentials and was exceptional to win each contest with Ippon and return with Gold.

The Battle Hill judo club is coached by Malcolm Young 2nd dan, whom also competed in this event and returned with a Silver award from the Senior Mens u81kg category.

    Sun 1st - Great North Run, Newcastle

Four of the club members successfully completed the Great North Run, Steve Ellerby 1:23, Barry McSherry 1:58, Malcolm Young 1:58, Brian Batey 2:20.


    September Sun 24th - Novice Judo Course, Seghill Institute, Seghill.

    Sun 24th - White Tiger Open, Nottingham


Twelve Students travelled to Nottingham to participate in the White Tiger Open Judo Competition, competing with numerous clubs from all over the country. All students performed exceptionally and were to dominate the event with a huge clutch of trophies, returning with twelve awards from twelve entrants, Six Gold, Three Silver and Three Bronze.

Kieran Tweedy-Silver u26kg, Josh Martin-Gold u30kg, Tonicha Brown-Gold u30kg, Frazer Burns-Silver u33kg, Joe Cotcher-Bronze u33kg, Thomas Dugdale-Bronze u40kg, Katie Young-Gold u45kg, Tasmin Brown-Silver u60kg, Tim Dugdale-Gold u60kg, "Big" BillySnowdon-Gold o90kg, Kris Anderson-Bronze u90kg, Malcolm Young-Gold u90kg

The organisers also awarded Tasmin Brown the “Throw of the Tournament” for a spectacular Harai Goshi technique.

    July Mon 24th - Seghill Judo Club Sponsored throwathon

Students from Seghill Judo club took part in a sponsored throwathon to raise funds for new equipment. Twenty Two students took part in the event, each throwing their Judo Coaches twenty times each. The students raised over £300 which will be used to raise funds for a crash mat.

Revisions have been made to the junior and senior syllabus for grades up to 1st Kyu (Brown Belt), available for download from syllabus page

    June Sun 25th - Flamingo Land Theme Park Trip


35 Students friends and family travelled to Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo, and once again the weather was kind to us, unfortunately the water ride wasn't as forgiving, lol...

There were two new rides this year; Kumali an inverted roller coaster, and Velocity, a motorbike style speed demon taking you from 0 to 60mph in under 2 seconds.

And yes that is Mel (Callum's dad) hanging on for his life!

    Sun 4th - Fordley Beginners Competition

Congratulations to our only entry in the competition, Georgia Wood, who fought extremely well and was unlucky to be defeated by a marginal score in the final, to return with the Silver award.

    April Sun 2nd - Bushido Club Competition, Battle Hill Primary, Wallsend

Congratulations to the 40 students who took part in our club competition, a large proportion of which were entering their first ever organised Judo event. A Great day was had by all, with some very impressive Judo.


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Novice Boys under 30kg Ross Lancaster David McGlenn Kye Hogg
Novice Boys under 38kg Phil Jarjoura William Smith Robert Stewart
Novice Boys over 38kg Daniel Hindmarch Cameron Anderson Josh Holiday
Boys under 40kg Thomas Dugdale Kye Lucas Joe Cotcher
Boys over 40kg Darren May Tim Dugdale Ben Kelly
Girls under 35kg Tonicha Brown Georgia Wood Summer Ireland
Girls over 35kg Tasmin Brown Katie Young Laurie Cairns
Nage-no-kata Tim Dugdale & Darren May Tasmin Brown & Darren May