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2010 Events

    25th Dec, Bushido Grading, Wallsend

    Students from Bushido Judo Kwai, Battle Hill Judo Club & Seghill Judo Club took part in a Judo grading examination, the event was organised by the Bushido Academy of Judo and took place at Burnside Community College in Wallsend.

    Junior students were required to complete Judo Shia (competition) as well as demonstrate Nage no Kata and Kateme no Kata.

    The Nage no Kata is composed of 3 techniques from each of the five groups in judo: hand techniques (te waza), hip techniques (goshi waza), foot techniques (ashi waza), rear sacrifice techniques (ma sutemi waza) and side sacrifice techniques (yoko sutemi waza). Each of these 15 techniques is performed twice in the specified order, once with kumi-kata (grip style) to the right and once to the left. The kata was developed by the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano in 1887.

    The Katame no Kata ("Grappling Forms") consists of fifteen techniques, grouped in three categories: Osae-komi-waza (holding techniques), Shime-waza (choking techniques), and Kansetsu-waza (joint-locking techniques).

    6th Kyu +2, Jessica Watson, Sean Young

    6th Kyu +3, Joe Moody

    5th Kyu, Callum McInnes

    5th Kyu +2, Sean Valley, Johnny Lawson, Chris Sayers

    5th Kyu +3, James Maypotter

    4th Kyu, Liam Banks, Laura Wheatley, Jess Cairns, Laura Buchan

    4th Kyu +1, Alexander Bannister

    3rd Kyu, Charlotte Powton, Daniel Render, Jonathon Lowes

    3rd Kyu + 3 Green, Danny Huziyenko

    3rd Kyu + 1 Brown, Roy White, Porl Willis Harvey, Adam Render

    3rd Kyu + 1 Black Rob Stuart

    3rd Kyu + 2 Black, Tom Dugdale

    Four Senior Judoka also took part in this Grading, Brothers Damien Anderson and Kris Anderson from BattleHill Judo club were both successful in achieving promotion to 1st Dan (Black Belt).

    Both students demonstrated excellent Nage no kata and kateme no kata, and demonstrated effective Shia.

    BattleHill Judo club coach Malcolm Young also took part, and following precise demonstrations of the Nage no Kata, Keishi Kata and Itsutsu no Kata was awarded the grade of 4th Dan.

    The Late Sensei Abbe, founder of the British Judo Council in the late 1950's, introduced the Kaeshi Kata from the Butokai. The Kata consists of 9 techniques demonstrated by Uke, which are each countered in turn by Tori.

    The Itsutsu no Kata was created by Jigoro Kano as the highest form of kata. It demands a maturity in understanding Judo theory, and to have completely assimilated the principles contained in the other kata. The five symbolic movements represent the ethics of Judo. Inspired by the forms found in nature, the founder strived to come up with a way of expressing the forces of nature through Judo. Malcolm was privileged to see demonstrations of this and the other Kata’s with the founder of the Bushido Chris Dawson, during a trip to Japan, where the Japanese masters performed these Kata at the Himeji Bodokan.


    27th Nov, NACYP Judo Competition, North Shields

    BattleHill Judo club had five students competing in the Northumberland Club's for Young People Open Judo Championships at the Parks Sports Centre.Joe Moody started the event in the Primary Boys u20kg, Joe won all of his contests to reach the final, and was narrowly defeated to return with the Silver Award. Sean Young and Kieran Tweedy gained runner up awards in the pimary boys u25kg and boys u35kg events.

    Tonicha Brown returned with another silver award in the girls u40kg event after winning three from four contests. Darren May aged 15 took a step up to enter the senior Mens Open category, and after convincingly winning all of his contests returned with the Gold Award.

    7th Nov, Nage no Kata Course, Wallsend

    Held at the Burnside Sports Hall, Wallsend, the event featured the Bushido club, Seghill Club and Battle Hill club.

    Senior instructor Chris Dawson, 6th Dan, said: "The Nage-no-Kata is fifteen throws divided into five sets of three and is performed on both left and right sides.

    "The kata was developed to enable students to gain a greater understanding of the theory of Judo throwing techniques and is an important part of the grading syllabus.

    "The session attracted a good attendance from the Bushido Judo Kwai club, Seghill Judo Club and Battle Hill Judo Club students."

    26th Sept, Bushido Course, Wallsend

    20th June, Bushido Grading, Wallsend

    Students from Bushido Judo Kwai, Battle Hill Judo Club and Seghill Judo club participated in the Bushido Academy of Judo Grading, under the guidance of Chris Dawson 6th Dan. Judoka were required to demonstrate Judo techniques pertinent to their grade, demonstrate the Nage no Kata, forms of Judo Throws, and compete with other Judoka in groups of three to six students. The Grading was held at Burnside Community College with assistance from Malcolm Young, Jummy West, Kev Corden and Serhiy Huziyenko. The following promotions were awarded.

    6th Kyu Joe Cassidy

    6th Kyu + 1 Sean Young, Jack Poole, Reece Harris

    6th Kyu +2 Jack Watson, Sean Valley, Callum McInnes

    5th Kyu James Maypother, Chris Sayers, Johnny Lawson

    5th Kyu+1 Laura Buchan

    5th Kyu + 2 Laura Wheatley

    5th Kyu + 3 Liam Banks

    4th Kyu Kayleigh Challinor, Dana Harvey, Adam McCann

    4th Kyu + 2 Jonathon Lowes, Daniel Render

    4th Kyu + 3 Charlotte Powton

    3rd Kyu Allanah Harvey, Chris Buchan

    3rd Kyu = 2 Porl Harvey

    3rd Kyu +3 Adam Render, Danny Huziyenko

    3rd Kyu + 2 Brown Ryan Evans

    3rd Kyu + 3 Brown David Beck, Robert Stuart

    1st Kyu Damien Anderson


    2tth March, Neil Adams Classic Competition, Edinburgh

    Battle Hill Judo Club travelled North to Scotland's prestigious event hosted by Great Britain's most successful Judoka, Neil Adams. Kieran Tweedy and Tonicha Brown were the two competitors in this event, both fought well and Tonicha successfully won the Bronze award in the girls u36kg event.

    21st March, Bushido Competition, Seghill

    Seghills Institute played host to the Bushido academy of Judo’s closed competition, attended by students from Battle Hill Judo Club, Bushido Judo Kwai and Seghill Judo Club.

    Group Gold Silver Bronze u20 Novice Joe Moody Jack Atkinson u30 Novice Chris Sayers u40 Novice Kayleigh Challiner Laura Buchan o50 Novice Johnny Lawson Laura Wheatley Sean Valley u30 Charlotte Powton Steven Tideswell Jessice Cairns u34 Danny Huziyenko Daniel Render u50 David Beck Adam Render Liam Banks, Alannah Harvey o50 Ben Kelly Johnny Lawson Poorl Harvey, Sean Valley

    Senior Serge Huziyenko Chris Buchan Open1 Johnny Lawson David Beck Laura Wheatley Open2 Charlotte Powton Steve Tideswell Kayleigh Challiner

    The four coaches on the day, Chris Dawson 6th dan, Malcolm Young 3rd dan, Jimmy West 2nd dan and Kevin Cordon 2nd dan each presented a trophy for the best technique of the day, these were presented to Danny Huziyenco, Danial Render, Charlotte Powton and Alannah Harvey.

    Pictured are all of the medal winners.