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December Christmas Party & Awards

Battle Hill Judo Club took 34 Students and parents to Whitley Bay Ice Rink.


BattleHill Judo club presented two Judoka of the year awards, Kieran Tweedy for the most successful competitor of the year and Tasmin Brown for being the student of the year.

Sun 8th Nov– NACYP Judo Competition , Wallsend

Battle Hill Judo club were successful in winning treble awards at the NACYP (Northumberland Association of Clubs for young People) judo competition held at Wallsend Sports Centre.

Three runners up awards went to Sam Joyce u25kg, Kieran Tweedy u30kg and Joe Cotcher u40kg. The club followed with bronze awards for Jac Cotcher u30kg and Tasmin Brown o50kg, 14 yr old Tasmin from Cramlington went on to enter the senior ladies event and with a strong performance secured the clubs third bronze award.

Three gold awards were then to follow for Tonicha Brown, Frazer Burns and Callum Thompson in the u30kg, u35kg and u50kg respective categories. These Gold awards were made that much sweeter when all three competitors won four contests each from strong pools of from seven to twelve judoka.

Sun 2nd Nov- Bushido Nage no kata Course, Wallsend

Junior and senior judoka, came from Cramlington,Seghill,Gosforth,Jesmond and Wallsend to attend a Nage - No - Kata course at Wallsend Sports Centre, the course was run by Chris Dawson 6th Dan, Malcolm Young 3rd Dan and Kev Cordon 1st Dan, the pupils who attended the course, will need this kata as part of there grading in January next year. Malcolm and Chris took in the highest standard of kata from the All Japan Kata Tournament in Himeji Japan, which they were able to pass on the course pupils.

November Sun 18th - BJA u16 Judo Competition, Hull

Battle Hill Judo Club travelled to Hull with three Judoka to compete in the BJA U16 Judo Championship, the event was well attended with well over 200 competitors from across the UK.

Tonicha Brown from Cramlington was first up, competing in the under 12year u28kg category. Winning all bar one contest with O Soto Gari (major outer reaping technique) and Kesa Gatame (Scarf Hold), tonicha secured the silver award.

Kieran Tweedy of Seghill, in the under 12 years u27kg event, won two contests with numerous techniques including his favourite Harai Goshi(Sweeping Hip Throw), he was unfortunate to be beaten in the final to return with another Silver for the club.

Tonicha's older sister Tasmin Brown was the third member to compete in the U16 yrs o63kg group. After competing through the group stages, winning her contests with an awesome Ura Nage (rear Throw) and Tani Otoshi (Valley Drop) techniques, she was informed that herself and two other competitors gained equal points from the group stages and would have to compete again for podium positions. Tasmin abtlled strongly overcoming an injury sustained during the earlier rounds, and successfully secured a third silver for the club.


Sun 11th Nov- Bushido Course, Wallsend

Our winter judo course at Wallsend Boys Club lasted for five hours and was held under the direction of Chris Dawson 6th Dan and Barry McSherry 4th Dan, the instructors were assisted by Kev Cordon 1st Dan and "Big" BillySnowdon 1st Dan

"Big" BillySnowdon Stag Night

Paint Balling in Cramlington followed by a night on the lash in Gotham city.

New Venue for Battle Hill Judo Club

After three years Battle Hill Judo club said a farewell to Battle Hill Primary School, and moved their dojo to Churchill Community College, changing their training evening in the process from a Thursday to a Wednesday.


October Sat 28th - BJA U18 Open, Gateshead

The BJA Championship was held at Gateshead Leisure Centre for judoka under 18 years of age and was well attended by clubs in the area.  This was the first time Battle Hill Judo club has attended this event, and our four competitors were on fine form to return with four medals.  Sisters Tonicha and Tasmin Brown both secured Silver in the girls u28kg and girls u70kg respectively, Kieran Tweedy secured our third Silver award in the boys u27kg. Leaving Frazer Burns to top the show with a Gold in the u34kg.

Pictured Kieran Tweedy, Tonicha Brown, Frazer Burns, Tasmin Brown

Sat 13th Oct - Bushido Members Visit to Japan

>>> View Full Detailed Report Here <<<

Sat 6th - BJC Great Northern Open Competition, Newcastle

The fifth annual Great Northern Open Judo Championships took place at the Westgate Centre For Sport in Newcastle.

Almost 350 Judoka from thirty eight clubs from UK, Ireleand, Germany, Italy and France turned out to compete in what has become one of the top events in the sport’s calendar

Battle Hill Judo Club took part with thirteen competitors including four pairs of siblings.

Alex Bannister Primary Novice u24kg Bronze

Sam Joyce Primary Novice u28kg Runner Up

Tonicha Brown Primary u28kg Bronze

Kieran Tweedy Primary u28kg Silver

Jac Cotcher Primary u32kg Silver

Alannah Harvey Junior Novice u35kg Runner Up

Porl Harvey Junior Novice u40kg Runner Up

Ryan Hindmarch Junior Novice u45kg Bronze

Daniel Hindmarch Junior Novice o50kg Bronze

Joe Cotcher Junior u35kg Runner up

Frazer Burns Junior u35kg Runner up

Callum Thompson Junior u50kg Runner Up

Tasmin Brown Junior o55kg Silver

Bushido Judo Kwai entered five students

Archie Hammond u32kg Bronze

Tim Dugdale o55kg Bronze

Uchi Obasi o55kg Bronze

Thomas Dugdale and Darren May

July Sat 28th - IBF Scottish International Open, Dumfries


The annual Scottish Open Judo and Sombo Wrestling Championships were held at the Dumfries Icebowl at the weekend organized by I.B.F. Scotland President Robin Hyslop 4th Dan.

The number of entries was expected to be less this year due to the Multinations event held in Dumfries earlier. Not so! On Saturday morning when the doors opened at the Icebowl the competitors just kept turning up, over 160 to be precise from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Egypt and the UK.

During the afternoon, John Black 6th Dan Jiu-Jitsu from Glasgow gave a demonstration of Sword Kata and Cutting Techniques.

The competitors from Battle Hill Judo Club were Tonicha Brown Gold Girls u33kg, Tasmin Brown runner up Girls u60kg, Frazer Burns Gold Boys u33kg, Kieran Tweedy Gold Primary Boys (under 8yrs) u28kg and a silver in the Junior Boys u30kg

Pictured Sisters Tonicha and Tasmin Brown, Frazer Burns, Kieran Tweedy


Sun 1st - Bedford High Judo Competition, Bedford.

We took a 600 mile round trip to attend Bedford High Open Judo Competition which was well attended with clubs from England and Scotland representing numerous Judo associations

pictured from left, Joe Cotcher, Tasmin Brown, Kieran Tweedy, Malcolm Young, Tonicha Brown, Callum Thompson, Jac Cotcher, Frazer Burns.

Kieran Tweedy of Seghill, the clubs youngest competitor started the day off on great form, winning the Primary Boys U25kg category. Three contests, three perfect wins, some of which with his trademark Harai-goshi (sweeping hip) technique.

Sisters Tonicha and Tasmin Brown from Cramlington gained silver and bronze from the girls u30kg and o60kg groups respectively. Tonicha narrowly missing out on the gold award, while Tasmin fought through a very competitive group winning three from four contents with Ippons (10 points) from Osaikomi-waza (groundwork techniques). Frazer Burns, also from Cramlington was outstanding in the boys u33kg category, and successfully won all of his contests with perfect Ippons to achieve the Gold award. Brothers Jac and Joe Cotcher from Wallsend achieved Gold and Bronze in the u30kg and u36kg groups. Jac putting up an exceptionally strong performance to win his gold, while brother Joe won three from four contests , and secured a place in the Bronze final.

Callum Thompson of Forest Hall, won all of his contents in the boys u45kg category finishing well with a spectacular Tani-otoshi (body drop) technique to carry home the clubs eighth medal of the day and fourth gold.

Malcolm Young also won a silver medal in the senior men u85kg category.

June Sun 24th - Fordley Novice Competition, Blyth

Battle Hill Judo club attended a novice and beginners Judo competition, held at Croftway Sports Hall, Blyth. The event was targeted at youngsters from around the region with less than 2 years experience in Judo, which is ideally suited for new students from both clubs. The event was organised by Fordley Judo club and was well attended by 10 clubs and over 100 competitors, with trophy presentations by Mr Kenny (BJC 6th Dan and Newcastle Area Representative and Technical Officer).

The eight students performed exceptionally to return with three Gold, two Bronze and three runners up awards.

Kieran Tweedy Primary Boys u25kg won three of his contests with maximum score before being defeated in the final stage of the event and returned with a Bronze award,

Alannah Harvey competing in the Girls u30kg followed suit winning three from four contests to secure the Bronze. David McGlen was awarded the Gold in the u30kg category after winning all three contests with Ippon (maximum score).

Sam Joyce and Connor Smith competing in their first competitive tournament performed well to both receive runner up awards in the u25kg and u35kg groups, Porl Harvey also gained runner up in boys u40kg event.

Brothers Ryan and Daniel Hinmarch fought their way through extremely tough u45kg and o50kg categories to each return with the Gold award.

May Fri 25th - Park Foot Camping


20 students and parents travelled to Lake Ullswater for a week of camping.

Typical lakeside weather followed but all had a great time.


Sun 22nd - Bushido Grading, Wallsend

Two senior members from Wallsends Bushido Judo Kwai have won promotion to black belt 1st dan, after the second part of there grading was completed at Wallsend Sports Centre.

Both Mick Clark from Wallsend and Brian Batey from Whitley Bay, had previously been examined under the Bushido Academy of Judo grading syllabus for Club Coaching Award and Contest, respectively , both men demonstrated Nage no Kata ( Forms of Throwing ) to a standard set by the examiners, to successfully secure there grade.

Junior Promotions:

6th Kyu + 1 yellow Sam Joyce,

6th Kyu + 2 yellow Danny, Archie, Eve Ellerby, Kia Douglas

6th Kyu + 3 yellow Dylan Elliot, Porl Harvey, Callum Williamson, Sam Edmunds

5th Kyu Kerry Hampton, Melisa Smith

5th Kyu + 1 orange David McGlen, Dylan Laing

5th Kyu + 2 orange Lathan Phillips

4th Kyu Robert Stuart

4th Kyu + 2 green Joe Cotcher

4th Kyu + 3 green Laurie Cairns

3rd Kyu Roy White

3rd Kyu + 1 blue Callum Willimason, Emeka Obasi

3rd Kyu + 1 brown Callum Thompson

Fifteen year old Tim Dugdale was also promoted to 3rd Kyu San ( Black ) the highest junior grade possable. Tim who began his judo career in 1998, when he became a member of Wallsends Bushido Judo Kwai, he was then coached by Sharon May 2nd Dan and soon became the most prolific junior medallist at Bushido, competing successfully at competitions in Norwich, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cramlington and Nottingham, as well as taking gold medals in two Nage-no-kata competitions. Now Tim is training with the Bushido Judo Kwai senior squad and also attends the BJA monthly training sessions at Crowtree Leisure Centre, Sunderland.

April Sat 7th - Bushido Nage-no-kata course

The Bushido Academy of Judo, hosted a Nage-no-Kata training course at Wallsend Sports Centre, under the direction of Chris Dawson 6th Dan, Barry McSherry 4th Dan and Malcolm Young 3rd Dan. The course was well attended with five seniors and fourteen junior pupils, given the mat area that we had, we only opened the course for a maximum of eighteen pupils, the Nage-no-Kata (Forms of Throwing) are a very important aspect of judo, in fact records show that kata lay at the very core of Kano's judo, Jigoro Kano was the founder of judo ( 1882 ). Judoka practice kata for many years to attain perfection, so we were fortunate to have both Barry McSherry and Malcolm Young who demonstrated the techniques to a very high standard, it is a tribute to our pupils who came to the course and put so much effort in over the five hours that we trained.


March Thur 1st - High Sheriff Award, Sunderland

The High Sheriff of North Tyneside presented an award of £350 to Battle Hill Judo club to recognise the appreciation of the residents and people of Tyne & Wear for activity and contribution in enhancing the life of the community.

The award was collected on behalf of the club, by Tonicha Brown and Callum Thompson.


January Sun 21st - Bushido Academy Grading, Wallsend

On Sunday 21st January 2007 the Bushido Academy of Judo, held it's junior / senior kyu and dan grading at Wallsend Sports Centre,Rheydt Avenue, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. The event started at 10.00 am prompt, all of the candidates were required to reach a pass mark in both the Bushido Academy grading sylabus and nage-no-kata( forms of throwing, ) appropriate to the grade that they were being examined for,they then competed in kyu grade pool's to test there contest ability,this resulted in promotions for Mick Zambas 5th Kyu, Andrew Yates 4th Kyu, Gavin Wood 3rd Kyu, John Bannister 2nd Kyu, Kris Anderson 1st Kyu, "Big" BillySnowdon 1st Dan, Graham Lucking 1st Dan and Kevin Corden 1st Dan with the most successful forming a line up of ten men, for Malcolm Young and Barry McSherry who were being examined for 3rd and 4th dan respectivley., Malcolm demonstrated nage -no- kata and katame - kata ( forms of grappling ) to a very high standard indeed then defeated all of his ten man line up and was promoted to 3rd Dan, Barry demonstrated his nage -no- kata and kaeshi kata ( forms of counter throws ) also to a very high standard and then went on to defeat his line up of ten men to win promotion to 4th Dan, Barry is an instructor at Bushido Judo Kwai while Malcolm is an instructor at Battle Hill Judo Club and Kevin Corden is an instructor at Seghill Judo Club. The organisers would like to thank the management and staff at Wallsend Sports Centre for all there help.

Junior Promotions:

6th Kyu Kieron Wright,

6th Kyu + 1 yellow Luke Taylor, Danny Huzoiyenko, Eve Ellerby, Alannah Harvey, Stephanie Hawthorne,

6th Kyu + 2 yellow Dylan Elliott, Ryan Wright, Alexander Bannister, Callum Williamson , Porl Harvey, Samantha Edmonds

6th Kyu + 3 yellow Kerry Hampton, Lathan Phillips, Mellisa Smith, David McGlen,

5th Kyu Phil Jarjoura, Kieron Tweedy, Dylan Laing, Ryan Hindmarch, Summer Ireland,

5th Kyu + 1 Orange Daniel Hindmarch,

5th Kyu + 2 Orange Robert Stuart, Tonicha Brown

4th Kyu Phillip Bannister,

4th Kyu + 1 Green Laurie Cairns,

4th Kyu + 2 Green Marley Taylor, Josh Martin,

4th Kyu + 3 Green Callum Williamson

3rd Kyu Emeka Obasi, Frazer Burns, Katie Young,

3rd Kyu + 2 blue Callum Thompson,

3rd Kyu + 1 brown Darren May

3rd Kyu + 3 brown Tasmin Brown


Sun 13th - Fisrt Aid & Coaching Course, Seghill

Senior members from Bushido Judo Kwai, Seghill Judo Club and Battle Hill Judo Club gathered at the Seghill Judo Club Dojo to take part in the Bushido Academy of Judo coaching course and examination, the day began at 10.00am with our medical advisor giving an excellent two hours instruction on first aid in the dojo, this was followed by each candidate instructing a class of junior pupils from Seghill Judo Club and Bushido Judo Kwai in a technique of the examiners choosing for a specified time and being evaluated under a number of headings this was followed by there first aid examination. The successful candidates were, Jimmy West 1st Dan, Kris Anderson 2nd Kyu, Mick Clark 1st Kyu and Kevin Corden 1st Kyu all were presented with the Club Coach Award, Malcolm Young 2nd Dan was also, required to submit a composition on the benefits of judo kata. Malcolm attained the highest mark possible and was presented with the Intermediate Coach Award, the candidates were examined by Barry McSherry 3rd Dan, Sharon May 4th Dan and Chris Dawson 6th Dan.

pictured from left; Jimmy West , Kris Anderson, Mick Clark, Kevin Corden, Malcolm Young and examiners Barry Mc Sherry, Sharon May, Chris Dawson.