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2009 Events

End of Year awards

At the end of each year we present one of our junior members with the a Judoka of the Year award.

Battlehill - Steven Tideswell

Battlehill also presented an award for the most successful competitor, Awarded to Kieran Tweedy

19th December, Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was once again very well attended at the Seghill Club

Students and parents were entertained by the infamous Uncle Freddie, in his final performance before retiring.

13th December, Bushido Grading, Wallsend

Students from Bushido Judo Kwai, Battle Hill Judo Club and Seghill Judo club participated in the Bushido Academy of Judo Grading, under the guidance of Chris Dawson 6th Dan. Judoka were required to demonstrate Judo techniques pertinent to their grade, demonstrate the Nage no Kata, forms of Judo Throws, and compete with other Judoka in groups of three to six students.

Junior promotions were

6th Kyu-Ichi, Johnny Lawson, Nathan Blank

6th Kyu-Ni, Sean Valley, James Maypother, Laura Wheatley, Hollie Edmundson, Chris Sayers, Jason Crombie, Joe Moody

6th Kyu-San, Kayleigh Challinor, Laura Buchan

5th Kyu, Ryan Stannes, Liam Banks

5th Kyu Ichi, Nathan McDonald, Adam McCann

5th Kyu San, Jonathon Lowes, Jessica Cairns

4th Kyu, Alexander Bannister, Daniel Render

4th Kyu Ichi, Alannah Harvey, Glen Mulligan

4th Kyu Ni, Adam Render

4th Kyu San, Danny Huziyenko

3rd Kyu, Porl Harvey, Ryan Evans

3rd Kyu Ni, Kieran Tweedy, Tonicha Brown, Stephen Tideswell

3rd Kyu San, David Beck

3rd Kyu + 2 Brown, Robert Stuart

3rd Kyu + 3 Brown, Phillip Bannister

There were also six senior promotions, Kyu Grades Christopher Buchan 4th Kyu, Damien Anderson 2nd Kyu and Sergai Huziyenko 1st Kyu.

There were three black belt promotions awarded during the day, 17 Year old Tim Dugdale whom has been training at the Bushido Judo Kwai since the age of 5 was promoted to Black belt 1st Dan.

Two of the academies coaches Jimmy West and Kev Corden having successfully coaches students as Black Belt 1st Dan for over three years, were both promoted to Black Belt 2nd Dan.


28th November, Nage no kata course, Wallsend.


21st November, NACYP, Newcastle

Battle Hill Judo club had three contestants in this event, Kieran Tweedy aged 10, convincingly defeated all his opponents to secure the gold in the u35kg event.

Stephen Tideswell u25kg and Kris Anderson Senior Men u81kg both took runner up places.

8th November, Spennymoore Min Mon.

Charlotte Powton and Stephen Tideswell competed in the BJA mini mon competition at Spennymoor.

Stephen was runner up, whilst Charlotte gained a Bronze award.


3rd October, Great Northern Open, Newcastle.

Six students entered this competition held at Westgate centre for sport.

The three boys Porl Harvey, Kieran Tweedy and Steven Tideswell returned with runner up awards, whilst the three girls, Tonicha Brown, Allanah Harvey and Charlotte Powton gained a silver, bronze, bronze respectively.

26th September, Bushido Course, Wallsend.

Members of the Bushido Academy of Judo attended a Judo course at Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

Various tachi-waza (standing techniques) and ne-waza (groundwork techniques) were demonstrated by Chris Dawson 6th Dan, with assistance from Malcolm Young 3rd Dan, Kevin Cordon 1st Dan and Serge Huziyenko.

1.Uchi Makikomi (Inner Wraparound)

Tori attacks with Seio Nage (shoulder throw), then continues to rotate into a sacrifice throw, winding uke over his back in the process. This technique is part of the Kodokans Habukareta Waza (preserved techniques from the 1895 gokyo).




2.Ippon Seio Nage (shoulder throw)

A variation of the standard Ippon Seio nage technique, which starts from a deep right hand hold of the lapel, as Uke tries to take hold with his right hand, Tori controls and pushes it back with toris left hand. As Uke reacts to this aggressive hold, Tori releases the left hand grip and enters into a left handed ippon seio nage technique.




3.Sode Tsuri komi goshi (lifting pulling hip throw)

As uke moves forward, control his left arm and pushing it vertically lift him up and forward. You want your opponent upright and coming forward. Simultaneously glide your right foot in front of his right. Keep pulling him forward and up continuously as you pivot on your right foot by stepping back with your left foot. Drop your hip and turn your arm until it is directly underneath the opponent's left armpit. Snap your hip by twisting counter-clockwise. Tug his right arm closely to you for control as execute the throw.

4.O Soto Gari (Major outer reaping throw)

From the start of a contest, aim to take a natural right handed grip (Kumikata), suddenly switch the grip to a left handed grip, whilst controlling uke's head with tori's left arm. Tori steps (with one big step) with his right foot outside uke's left foot unbalancing uke to the rear, and with a large reap of uke's left leg executes the technique.


18th July, BJC Graded, Newcastle

Westgate Centre for sport was host to the British Judo Council's graded Judo tournament.

BattleHill Judo Club

Tonicha Brown secured a bronze award from the 4th Kyu Girls, whilst sister Tasmin gained a silver in the Senior Ladies event competing in a pool of five competitors, Darren May also won a silver medal in the Boys 3rd Kyu event.  Kieran Tweedy competing in the Boys 4th Kyu (orange Belt) group defeated all four competitors to win the Gold award.

28th June, Neil Adams Classic, Edinburgh

Battlehill Judo Club travelled to the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh to take part in the Neil Adams Classic Judo Tournament. This was the first tournament hosted by the former world champion and after attracting 300 competitors will become a regular annual event.

Tonicha Brown of Cramlington competing in the girls u32kg event successfully gained the bronze medal, this was matched by Kieran Tweedy from Seghill who took the bronze in the boys u30kg category after winning four from five contests.

Tasmin Brown aged 16yrs from Cramlington was competing for the first time as a senior lady, she gave a fine performance winning all her contests to win the Gold medal. Callum Thompson of Forrest Hall won the clubs forth medal, winning all five of his contests in the boys u60kg category to secure the Gold Medal.

Neil Adams currently hold the rank of 8th Dan, and is a Britain’s most successful judoka, five time European champion, twice Olympic silver medallist, and in 1981 became the first British male judoka to win the World Judo Championships.

Pictured with Neil Adams are Tonicha Brown, Tasmin Brown, Kieran Tweedy and Callum Thompson.

14th June, Fordley Novice Open

Bushido students competed with 100 competitors at the Fordley Novice and Beginners Competition 2009, Croftway Sports Hall, Blyth, Northumberland.

Sensei Chris Dawson, club coach, said: "The competition was a very good, well organised and refereed event and Jason always goes out of his way to make it fair to all competitors...Its fighting spirit, the work the individual puts in and their own desire to win, which brings success to our clubs."


Entrants from battle Hill Judo Club were Stephen Tideswell and Charlotte Powton, Charlotte won all contests bar one to return with the Silver from the u25kg event, while Stephen convincingly won all his contests in the boys u20kg category to return with the Gold award.


7th June, Bushido Grading, Wallsend.

Students from the Bushido Academy of Judo participated in a judo grading held at Burnside College, Wallsend. The academy, under the guidance of Chris Dawson 6th Dan has member clubs of Bushido Judo Kwai, Wallsend; Battle Hill Judo Club, Wallsend and Seghill Judo Club, Seghill.

Students who participated in the grading were required to demonstrate a rigorous Judo syllabus pertinent to their particular grade, including the demonstration of various sets of the Nage-no-kata, a predefined demonstration of Judo throws performed against an aggressor. All students also took part in Shia (competitive fighting), each having up to four contests.

Judo Promotions were;

Ichi Ni San

6th Kyu

Elliot Barnes, Liam Banks Ola Lachowisz,

Norbert Westolowski,

Jack Burridge,

Ryann Stonners Maciej Rybakowski, Kieran Aplin,

Oliver Doherty, Adam McCann

5th Kyu Ben Robson Jess Cairns,

William Robson,

Daniel Render Kamila Kolwalezyk, Charlotte Powton, Josh Briggs, Adam Render, Jonathan Lowes Glen Mulligan, Allannah Harvey

4th Kyu Jennifer Stuart

Ryan Evans,

Danny Huziyenco,

Porl Harvey Kieran Tweedy, Tonicha Brown, David Beck

3rd Kyu+Blue

Robert Stuart,

Phillip Bannister

3rd Kyu+Black

Ben Kelly,

Thomas Dugdale Laurie Cairns

2nd Kyu Tasmin Brown

9th May - Parks Age Banded Championship

Over 200 competitors from over 30 clubs attended the Parks leisure centres' age banded Judo competition.

Battle Hill Judo club had 5 entrants to the event, returning with four trophies.

Kieran Tweedy u30kgs won his first two contests, but was defeated in the semi-finals, Aaron Anderson secured a bronze in the u42kg category, as did Tasmin Brown in the u70kg group. Tonicha Brown won three from four contests in the u32kg event to return with a silver.

Callum Thompson won four from four contests to achieve the Gold medal in the boys u60kg category.

26 April - South Cumbria Championships

Battle Hill Judo Club were in attendance at the South Cumbria Open Judo Championships hosted by The Mackwai Judo Club in Millom.

Four students travelled to the event and managed to return with an impressive five medals.

Aarron Anderson aged 9 is his first competition, fought tremendously to secure the Gold in the u42kg group, Kieran Tweedy also aged 9 won four contests in a row, and was narrowly defeated in the u32kg final to secure a silver award.

After six contests Tonich Brown aged 11 successfully won the Bronze award in the girls u32kg category.

Callum Thompson aged 14 convincingly won all three contests in the boys u60kg u14yrs event to secure the Gold Award, he later competed in the boys u16 yrs u66kg event and returned with a Silver.

22nd March - Durham Judo Championships

Spennymore leisure centre hosted this event with 250 competitors from around the country. Frazer Burns and Tasmin Brown both secured a bronze award in the boys u42kg and girls u70kg categories. Kieran Tweedy fought through four rounds of contests losing only to the gold medal winner to secure bronze in the boys u30kg event, this was the largest group of the day with 28 competitors. Tonicha Brown won all of her contests in the girls u32kg event to secure a old award.


21st March - Bushido Closed Competition, Seghill

Students from the 3 member clubs, Bushido Judo Kwai, BattleHill Judo Club and Seghill Judo club, attended the Bushido Academy's closed competition.

Group Gold Silver Bronze u27kg Novice Jessica Cairns Fenwick Parry Steven Tideswell, Domonic Bullock u30kg Novice Danniel Render Oliver Docherty Charlotte Powton u40kg Novice Aarron Anderson Josh Briggs Nathan Bullock u50kg Novice Adam Render Adam McCann Jack Burridge +50kg Novice Jennifer Stuart Adam McCann Adam Render u30kg Kieran Tweedy Daniel Render Alex Bannister u34kg David Beck Ryan Evans Kieran Tweedy u42kg Glenn Mulligan Phillip Bannister Allanah Harvey u60kg Ben Kelly Porl Harvey +60kg Darren May Laurie Cairns Ben Kelly


31st January - Midland Area u20, Walsall Campus

Battle Hill Judo club travelled to Birmingham for the Midland Area U20 age banded championship, held over two days at the Walsall Campus. Frazer Burns & Tonicha Brown competed in the boys u42 and girls u32kg events. Tasmin Brown fought through four rounds of contest to take 5th place in the girls u70kgs category, while Darren May was defeated in the final of the boys o66kg event to return with a silver medal.