3rd Feb 2019, Bradford

A very long day for the team at the West Yorkshire Championships which attracted a more than expected number of entries, returning with 4 Gold and 3 Bronze medals.

Charlie Johnson took the first medal of the day in the 6th mon and below category with a 3rd place Bronze.

Kiera Pentolfe had 3 exceptional fights in the 7th mon and above category to secure the Gold medal, which was followed with two further Golds by Ellie Hutton and Jenni Francis each undefeated in their pools, Jenni winning the final match with an excuisite reaping seoi nage technique.

Luke Anderson won a bronze in the u16 boys in a group of 4 high grade competitors.

Senior competitors Leah Anastasi and Josh Stoneman entered the level 3 event, winning Bronze and Gold medals respectively, but more importantly both gaining a further 20 points towards their next Dan grades.

A great performance by all, well done guys!