vletter attlehill Judo Club took six competitors to Kettering for the first "Kettering International Charity Judo Championships" held over two days. The tournament was to raise funds for two special charities, The Teenage Cancer Trust and the British Heart Foundation, and was well attended by clubs from Italy, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Scotland and England.

Day one saw Joe Flaherty and Kiera Pentolfe competing in the 11-12 year Boys and 8-9 year Girls events. Both judoka were undefeated, Joe winning two fights with impressive ashi-waza and ne waza combinations, and Kiera winning three fights with Uke Goshi and Kesa Gatame techniques. Both students receiving well-earned Gold Medals.

Day two had Josh Stoneman and Josh McKeown in the 13-15 year Boys, Ellie Hutton 13-15 year Girls, and Kieran Tweedy in the Senior Black Belt category.
Ellie won four consecutive contests in a large group to secure a Gold Medal, winning each contest with a different Judo Technique, Seo Otoshi, O-Tsuri Gohi, Marote Seoi Nage and Uchi Matta.
Josh Stoneman battled through a tough group of 9 competitors, also winning all four fights with Tai Otoshi and Seo Otoshi manoeuvres to secure another Gold medal.
Josh McKeown in a pool of six judoka was undefeated and secured the clubs fifth Gold of the event with impressive Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi and Uke Goshi throws.
Kieran Tweedy was competing in the under 90kgs which was merged with the u100 and +100kg groups. Kieran defeated his u100 opponents with De ashi Barai and Harai Goshi techniques, but the over 100kg judoka was too strong for him, and gained the silver medal.
To enter six students into an international open event competing with other clubs from across Europe, returning with an extremely impressive five gold and one silver medal was an exceptional performance by the young students, whom will be travelling to the Netherlands in a few weeks to compete in two further international events.