BJC National Championships


Battlehill Judo Club returned from the British Judo Councils National Championship with 4 National Champions.
The competitors joined 400 other judoka at Kettering Sports Arena, Northamptonshire.

Jenni Francis was undefeated in the junior girls u36 winning four fights with Ippon from a range of tachi and ne waza techniques to secure her third consecutive national title.

Charlie Huttton took Silver in the u30kgs with some excellent Ko-Uchi-Gaki and Ko-Soto-Gari techniques.

Joe Flaherty won three from 4 contests with Uki-Goshi and Kesa Gatame combinations to secure a Silver medal.

Charlotte Kendal won three straight victories in a tough group of +65kg young women demonstrating an effective O-Uchi-Mata technique to clinch the Gold medal.

Luke Anderson moved up a class to compete in his first nationals at u66kg and gave an excellent performance winning 1 from 3 contests.

Josh Stoneman had an excellent event winning 5 from 5 contests with some strong Harai-Goshi techniques in the u60kg category to return as National Champion.
Two students also entered from our sister club, Seghill Judo Club.
Andrew Fountain faught well in the u34kg event winning his first national contest along the way, but did not make it past the group stage.
Kiera Pentolfe won an impressive 5 contests with maximum score from various koshi waza and Ne waza conbinations to gain a Gold Medal.
A great day had by all, with some exceptional Judo on display.