East Hartford and Fordley Judo club hosted the third event of the North East Judo Grand Prix, at Blue Flames Sporting Club in Newcastle.
There will be five events held annually with all competitors ranked on an overall leader board.
Unlike all other Judo competitions the organisers have opened this event up to all Judo Associations ensuring that there are no barriers to entry and the best Judoka from the area are able to compete together.
The third event had over 150 competitors from taking part from 18 clubs around North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Northumberland.

Gold Medal winners; Ellie Hutton, Shaylin Burn
Silver Medal Winners; Charlie Hutton, Sean Young
Bronze Medal Winners; Josh Stoneman, Joe Flaherty
Runners up; Scott Anderson, Katie Walker,Daniel Dizyee,Owen Hardaker, Neomi Young
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  • 10-07-16