Battlehill Judo Club attended the Northumberland BJC Beginners Competition at Blyth.
Katy Walker Lost one contest in u55kg to earn Silver.
Daniel Dizyee and Tristan Thompson (u40g and u30kg) each won three contests with Ippon (Maximum Score) to win the Gold medals
Real Thouphome and Callum Davis earned the third place Bronzes in the u40kg and u50kg's.
Scott and Luke Anderson secured the bronze and Silver awards in the +55kg category.
Daniel Thompson won a silver in the u32kg,
Erica Watson and Ellie Davis won Bronze and Silver Awards in the u32kg group,
Ellie winning 3 contests in her first competition.
Neomi Young was undefeated in the u30kg category to gain the Gold.
Ebony Thompson and Katy Walker both lost one contest to gain Silver medals in the u44kg and u48kg groups.
Charlie Cummins was joint top of the pool after two wins, but dropped to the third Bronze position on points in the u33kg event.