The Parks Judo club played host to the second event of the North East Judo Grand Prix, at Tyne Youth and Community Centre in Tynemouth. There will be five events held annually with all competitors ranked on an overall leader board.
Unlike all other Judo competitions the organisers have opened this event up to all Judo Associations ensuring that there are no barriers to entry and the best Judoka from the area are able to compete together.
The second event exceeded the first with 154 competitors taking part from 17 clubs around North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Northumberland.

For Full Results and Photos please visit www.nejudo.co.uk


Category Name Club Result
Primary Boys u21 Kaleb Stephenson Destination DA Gold
Callum Patterson Parks silver
Barney Peel Westgate Bronze
Carlo Messner Parks -
Maynard Partington Parks -
Primary Boys u24 Cameron Lee Newburn Gold
Thomas Blair South Shields silver
Niall Sinclair South Shields Bronze
Harry Broomfield Desination IH -
Holden Partington Parks -
Joe Ramsey Parks -
Robbie James Hampton Kodokwai -
Primary Boys u27 Evan Anderson Kodokwai Gold
Jake Battensby Parks silver
Charlie Hutton Battlehill Bronze
Beck Malone Parks -
Daniel Best Desination IH -
Ethan McLeod East Hartford & Fordley -
James Kelly Destination BS -
Jayden Dancer Parks Bronze
Lewis Gray Battlehill -
Matthew Willis Butokokan -
Shay Messner Parks -
Tom Common Butokokan -
Primary Boys u30 Harrison Wood Parks Gold
Rocco Dack Newburn silver
Aden Makin Destination BS Bronze
Bobby Dufton Desination IH -
Steven Fawkes East Hartford & Fordley -
William armstrong Parks -
Primary Boys u34 Kobe Moyse Mukutuss Kodokwai Gold
Leo Innes South Shields silver
Jack Danielson Juno Michi Bronze
Leland Cochrane Juno Michi Bronze
Harry Dearnaley South Shields -
jack Elliot Destination BS -
Jack White Butokokan -
Jay Coleman Butokokan -
Luke Nivens Westgate -
Mason Wile Juno Michi -
William Aycott Desination IH -
Primary Boys u38 Leon Rodrigues Destination BS Gold
Toby McGukin Desination IH silver
Andrew Duddridge Butokokan Bronze
Primary Boys +38 Sammuel Wilkinson Kodokwai Gold
Alexander Hedley Bear Park silver
Ian McMorine Battlehill Bronze
Matthew Welsh Butokokan -
Primary Girls u22 Freya Booth Newburn Gold
AnnabelleKept Thornaby silver
Lottie Stephens Desination IH Bronze
Evie Race Parks -
Farrah Booth Newburn -
Primary Girls u25 Rosey Kett Thornaby Gold
Mary Kett Thornaby silver
Taylor Chrisp Juno Michi Bronze
Emily Wright Kodokwai -
Evie Church Thornaby -
Hannah Wilkinson Kodokwai -
Primary Girls u28 Anne Marie Kelly Destination BS Gold
Isabella Hussain Westgate silver
Keira Pentolfe Seghill Bronze
Alesha Slater Seghill -
Amber Sellers Desination IH -
Sophie Hall Desination IH -
Primary Girls u32 Fallon Booth Newburn Gold
Paige McCallub Newburn silver
Imogen Roeves South Shields Bronze
Leila Craig East Hartford & Fordley -
Megan Thompson Kodokwai -
Megan Thompson Kodokwai -
Shaylin Burn Battlehill -
Shaylin Burn Battlehill -
Primary Girls +36 Amy Hampton Kodokwai Gold
Brooke Morris Newburn silver
Lucy Common Butokokan Bronze
Junior Boys u34 Josh Chrisp Juno Michi Gold
Benjy Millward Desination IH silver
Charlie Batey Destination DA Bronze
Corey Spencer Desination IH -
Daniel Broomfield Desination IH -
Junior Boys u38 Travis Hutchinson Destination BS Gold
Joe Carroll Battlehill silver
Maddox Fuller Battlehill Bronze
Alfie Bambough Desination IH -
Alfie Brown Destination DA -
David Hall Westgate -
Ewan McCaulay Desination IH -
Junior Boys u42 Josh Robson Juno Michi Gold
Jason Routledge Westgate silver
Joe Wilkinson Kodokwai Bronze
Luke Battensby Parks Bronze
Aaron Stewart Parks -
Harvey Abbott Brown Destination DA -
Jake Beard Juno Michi -
Matthew McLellan Parks -
Owen Hardaker Battlehill -
Junior Boys u46 Dalton Short Kodokwai Gold
James Usher South Shields silver
Evan Jones Destination DA Bronze
George White Destination BS -
Rhys Slater Desination IH -
Junior Boys u50 Ethab Proud Juno Michi Gold
Lewis Hallam Kyu Shin Do Ryu silver
Sam Fowler South Shields Bronze
Junior Boys u55 Ryan May Parks Gold
Ben Smith Juno Michi silver
Luke Anderson Battlehill Bronze
Alex Neil Destination DA -
Scott Anderson Battlehill -
Thomas Marshall East Hartford & Fordley -
Yussef Gadema Seghill -
Junior Boys u60 Josh Stoneman Battlehill Gold
Sean Young Battlehill silver
Shane Gaskin Destination DA Bronze
Junior Boys u66 Ben Van Denten Butokokan Gold
Jack Burdess Desination IH silver
Acey Bell Butokokan Bronze
Junior Boys +66 Ewan Squire Parks Gold
Kieron Hardaker Battlehill silver
Leon Wood Destination DA Bronze
Shane Ellis East Hartford & Fordley -
Junior Girls u32 Jenni Francis Battlehill Gold
Mollie Miller Kodokwai silver
Junior Girls u36 Kenady Raine Kyu Shin Do Ryu Gold
Hannah Marshal East Hartford & Fordley silver
Ellie Hackett Desination IH Bronze
Emma Wooley Desination IH -
Holly Spilang Desination IH -
Junior Girls u40 Brooke Devine Thornaby Gold
Eliza Thompson FIJ silver
Emily Fisher Thornaby Bronze
Junior Girls u44 Ella Wile Juno Michi Gold
Jasmine Dack Newburn silver
Melissa Peel Desination IH Bronze
Junior Girls u48 Ellie Hutton Battlehill Gold
Lytallia Dack Newburn silver
Ariella Wilkonson Kodokwai Bronze
Katie Walker Battlehill -
Junior Girls u52 Rebecca Butterfield Destination DA Gold
Gemma Karim Destination DA silver
Jasmin Gadema Seghill Bronze
Junior Girls +52 Isabelle Morris Juno Michi Gold
Mia Key Butokokan silver
Francesca Thompson FIJ Bronze
Chloe Aynott Desination IH -
Junior Girls +63 Robyn Key Butokokan Gold
Meghan Roeves South Shields silver

Club Leaderboard

Club Gold Silver Bronze
Juno Michi 5 1 3
Kodokwai 5 1 2
Newburn 3 5 0
Battlehill 3 3 4
Parks 3 2 2
Destination BS 3 0 1
Thornaby 2 2 1
Destination DA 2 1 4
Butokokan 2 1 3
Kyu Shin Do Ryu 1 1 0
South Shields 0 4 3
Desination IH 0 3 3
Westgate 0 2 1
FIJ 0 1 1
East Hartford & Fordley 0 1 0
Bear Park 0 1 0
Seghill 0 0 2