The Club travelled with a squad of eighteen students to join over 250 children and adults from around the country to compete in Kendal Judo Clubs BJA Coloured and Dan Grade Competition
Charlie Hutton started the day off in the under 10 year category and demonstrated a great understanding of the art winning all of his contests with an array of techniques to win the first Gold of the event.
Five students were competing in the under 12 year categories, Maddox Fuller won sufficient contests to secure a third place bronze, Owen Hardaker only lost one contest in his group to gain his first Gold medal at this level. Joe Carroll fought hard through a strong group winning all contests to secure the Gold, quickly followed by Joe Flaherty who demonstrated real class winning all contests by Ippon (Maximum score) to gain another Gold Medal. Jenni Francis concluded the under 12 groups, convincingly winning all her contests by Ippon to secure another Gold.
Seven boys took part in the 16 year and under categories, which was to be some of the strongest groups of the day. Sean Young and Scott Anderson took bronze medals after both were defeated by fellow club mates Josh Stoneman and Luke Anderson who both won silver medals. Josh McKeown had two extremely difficult contests against two blue belt competitors, winning one and losing one to secure a Silver medal. Kyle Flannery was extremely strong in dismissing all three of his contest in short order to gain a much deserved Gold Medal. Finally Kieron Hardaker had a fantastic competition with three higher grade judoka, narrowly losing only one contest for the Silver medal.
Three girls in the 16 year and under categories fought very well to gain two Bronze and a Silver, Ellie Hutton and Saffron Gadema taking the Bronze medals, whilst novice Katy Walker outshone most of her pool with grit and determination to win two from three contests in her first major tournament to gain an excellent Silver medal.
Liam Wylie fought hard in the novice Senior event and secured a Bronze medal, Kieran Tweedy competing in the Brown and Black belt Senior category showed excellent variation of tachiwaza and newaza (standing and groundwork) techniques to finish the day with the clubs seventh Gold Medal.
Students were coached by Shodans’ Steve Smith, Simon McKenzie and Mala Young.

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